Custom Arrangements

Custom Arranging to meet your needs. Rather you are a performer or represent a School or Church, GDB Studios can create an arrangement(s) to meet your need.

Greig has arranged for small ensembles to full orchestra. Some clients include:
Central Wesleyan Church; Holland, MI
The Chapel; Ft. Wayne, IN
Huntington North Varsity Singers
Carnival Cruise Lines (Solo Artists with 7 piece band)
JPW Arrangements

Repertoire has included:
Disney’s Be Our Guest (Arr. Full Orchestra)
When All is Said and Done (Arr. Full Orchestra & Choir)
He’s Alive (Arr. Full Orchestra & Choir)
The Main Event (Arr. Cruise Band)
Sooner or Later (Arr. Cruise Band)
Dream A Little Dream (Arr. Cruise Band)
I’m Afraid This Must Be Love (Arr. Cruise Band)
I Cannot Hear the City (Show Choir Band)
Take Back Your Mink (Show Choir Band)
Fight Song (Show Choir Band)
Money Money Money (Show Choir Band)
Red Balloon (Show Choir Band)
Ka Ching (Show Choir Band)
I Am Woman (Show Choir Band)
Who Will Buy (Show Choir Band)
What’ll I Do (Show Choir Band)
Cross the Line (Show Choir Band)
If I Had You (Show Choir Band)
The Dream is in You (Show Choir Band)
Make Me Smile (Show Choir Band)
Turning Point / Stand Out (Show Choir Band)
Corner of the Sky/The Great Escape (Show Choir Band)
Because of you (Show Choir Band)
All About/Slap That Bass (Show Choir Band)
Sing (Show Choir Band)
+ many more arrangements & orchestrations (especially charts for church bands)

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