Being a great musician takes hard work and many years of dedication. For most musicians, only a small part of their incredible abilities come from talent. The majority of their ability actually has come from countless hours of practicing and studying.

Greig has a passion to mentor and develop people and their talents. Through the years he has mentored some wonderful musicians that are using their abilities in bands and leadership positions. Some are worship leaders at their local church or university and others are members of local or church bands. At least 5 of his students have been selected for their excellence to serve as public representatives for Olivet Nazarene University and as Chapel Worship Leaders.

Other students are involved in their school music programs including the Nationally recognized Varsity Singers.

As a student you have a responsibility to practice and prepare for each one of your lessons. Please remember this is YOUR responsibility – NOT your parents.

WARNING: There will be times when you love music and other times you wish you could stop – but HOLD ON! – It is through these highs and lows that you start to secure who you are as a musician. “Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect.” (Author Unknown)

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